Tea Time Printables – Free Preschool Tea Time Worksheets

I would like to present my new printable set.

I’m really excited about this set because I feel it is one of the best attempts at creating a worksheet collection I have made so far. I am working on a set 2 to be released shortly.

If you have any suggestions or requests for future downloads please feel free to email

[email protected]

Tea Time!

Set 1


This is a Tea Time related set with eight pages.

These are free to use as you choose as long as you don’t claim. All art work was made by me.

To download just click each image individually or you can download the whole set as a pdf by clicking this link


matchinggame howmany followthelines
coloringpage writethewords whichisdifferent
sequence puzzle

6 thoughts on “Tea Time Printables – Free Preschool Tea Time Worksheets

      1. Rebecca Post author

        I had to take the one I was using down as it crashed the server at the place that hosts my page. I haven’t put a new one yet. I need to do that. Thanks for the reminder!!

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