Let’s Play Ice Cream Shop! #thinkoutsidethetoybox Ice Cream Cones!!

It’s that time again!
It’s time for 
I have come to actually look forward to Mondays.
We have had such a blast thinking outside the toy box and creating our own fun with this summer series.
This week of Think outside the Toy box is 

CB is a pretend shop lover. She has been known to open shops up in the hallway. So today we opened our own little pretend Ice Cream Shop. 

Ice Cream Cones

Take aways:
Imaginative Play
Creative Thinking
Hours of the kids playing TOGETHER

First we built our stand.
I used a plastic table that I picked up for Lou to use as an art table and place a table cloth on top.

The Sign was made with Construction paper cut into triangles and taped to a piece of ribbon.
I then tied it to two pool noodles.

The “Ice Cream” is made out of paper that we cut into strips and crumbled into a ball. I may let them do this again with a full sundae layout and real ice cream…. But rain was coming quickly so we had to improvise and sadly at the moment we are all out of the creamy cold goodness that is icecream.

Her hat was made out of regular paper that was folded. And look we took pictures to show you how to fold a paper hat!!
Her apron was just a piece of fabric folded over a ribbon and tied around her neck.
So the only question is:
Are you a Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla?
And one more shot of the cones…. We tied ribbons around them just to add a little color.
Photos taken with my new Samsung phone…. I am in total absolute phone love at the moment.
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