Just imagine, you just bought your dream home and everything looks perfect. You would likely redo the painting or the wallpaper on the walls to your own preference. And then you would look into the bedroom closet. Shabby, bare, and full of dust. You would most probably want to change the overall appearance as well.

But where will you start? How would you do it? What color would be appropriate? In this article, we will be tackling those questions and many others concerning the proper way on how to paint the interior of your bedroom closet.    

1. CHOOSE THE COLOR – It would be advisable that you bring your wife or family with you when you’re choosing the paint. Their suggestions on which color to pick is vital so there wouldn’t be any complaints and protests of them not liking the color.  

2. REMOVE THE PANELS FIRST – In preparing to paint your bedroom closet, you must first take out all the obstructions so you can have access to the whole interior of the closet. This includes the nuts and bolts of the closet walls. Apply some spackling compound on them prior to painting.

3. CLEAN THE CLOSET FROM DUST AND DEBRIS – It’s always important to clean the area first from any impediments that would ruin the paint job. Having to paint on a dirty surface would surely mess up the paint brush and the paint as well.

4. PLACE SOME PAINTER’S TAPE AND NEWSPAPERS – Put some painter’s tape on the surrounding areas that will not be painted. This is particularly important especially on the edges of the closet and the closet door/s so it wouldn’t look messy. Newspapers must be neatly placed on the ground and conveniently near the closet. You wouldn’t want the paint spilled on your lovely carpet or your wooden tiles now, would you?

5. APPLY SOME PRIMER – Primer (undercoat) is a sort of paint that is applied on a surface to ensure it has better adhesion on the secondary paint (or the color of the closet that you will be using). Use a roller when painting your closet so the paint will be evenly distributed.

6. CLEAN THE PAINT TRAY AND BRUSHES FIRST – It is important that you clean the paint tray before you could start painting with your desired paint. Mixture of the primer and the color paint would… For lack of a better term… debilitate your secondary paint. 

7. PAINT AWAY – After the brush and paint tray has completely dried off, you can now paint Paint to your heart’s content the color you want for your bedroom closet. Be mindful though not to use excess paint on your closet though because it would look smudgy, bumpy and just plain awful. 

CONCLUSION   Having to paint your interior bedroom closet doesn’t have to be a one person job. You could always invite your significant other to help you with this job. For more information, you can find more painting information on Porch. Make it a family affair and make it enjoyable and fun. The main reason you are painting the closet is to make it lively and livable for you and your family.