• Happy, Sad, Cray Cray, and Mad – Facial Emotions Activity for Preschoolers
  • Happy, Sad, Cray Cray, and Mad – Facial Emotions Activity for Preschoolers
  • Happy, Sad, Cray Cray, and Mad – Facial Emotions Activity for Preschoolers
  • Happy, Sad, Cray Cray, and Mad – Facial Emotions Activity for Preschoolers
  • Happy, Sad, Cray Cray, and Mad – Facial Emotions Activity for Preschoolers
  • Happy, Sad, Cray Cray, and Mad – Facial Emotions Activity for Preschoolers
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Happy, Sad, Cray Cray, and Mad – Facial Emotions Activity for Preschoolers

We have been talking about feelings and emotions at the house. Being able to recognize other people’s emotional state does not come easily to my family so it’s something we work on sometimes even with the older kids.

Words of the day:

Empathy – Being able to share or recognize another living beings feelings or emotions.
Sympathy – Being able to understand the distress of another being.
Compassion – A response to the emotional state of a being in distress.
Emotions- The way someone feels and reacts to a situation, mood, or relationship with another. Such as Happiness because someone just gave you a gift.

The difference between EMPATHY and SYMPATHY is that Empathy is the ability to recognize emotions and Sympathy is the ability to understand them. Some times these concepts are hard for a child to grasp. You may think that a lot of children don’t have any empathy or sympathy but they may just be emotionally immature and will grow into it. As humans, sympathy is needed or without it could you imagine all that would happen in the world. That would make a good topic of conversation question. What would happen if no one had sympathy for their fellow man?

Ok on to the projects.



I gave the children each some magazine pages to look at people faces and decide if they were happy, sad, (choice of emotion), or mad. Each child had their own take on the instructions and I let them create their art work their own way. Each different work of art tells a story about the child that created it, Bub is kinda minimalist, CB is a perfectionist, and Lou is a toddler who probably tried to  eat more of the glue than used on her paper. Don’t worry I was right beside her saying, “That is not food.”

Kid Take

Bub picked pictures that made him feel the emotions. Such as he picked pictures that made him feel happy or sad. Funny was the category he chose because he wanted somewhere to put the pictures he found silly that made him laugh.


Lou’s take on the project was unique as she opted to tear hers out. That could be because I wouldn’t let her use the scissors. I did help encourage her a little with what is what but she can get happy every time. Even just turned two year olds know that smiling equals happiness.

That should say surprised but some one forgot how to write a s and wrote it backwards. It’s my dyslexia acting up. It doesn’t happen often, just when I am filling out paperwork in front of people, filling out something that can’t be erased, or anything I get flustered.


Cb was more structured and not quite as all over the place. She also went into more depth with her choice section which was “Cray Cray”. I’m pretty sure she has a full grasp on the topic of cray cray and quite a bit of experience in the area. Let’s just say that a certain little girl went to school in pink striped leggings, blue striped skirt, and a pink shirt that proclaimed her epicness. Cray Cray but I love her. She has a good grasp on Empathy but lacks greatly in the sympathy department.


My Lazy Town Theory

I recognize that this post to follow is totally stupid (ooops don’t tell my kids I said the S word). This whole post comes from being overly saturated with “educational” television aimed at preschoolers. Which brings me to wonder why all preschool tv looks like it was made while on some form of hallucinogen.

Lou’s favorite flavor of pure crazy of the moment is Lazy Town. Lazy Town is aimed at children small enough not to question it’s many many oddities. Such as why are there 5 puppets and 3 live people? Where are the puppet children’s parents? And so on. I approve of the show for the fact that it promotes healthy living and eating right. There is also the added benefit of watching a toddler who now refers to herself as “Swafanie (toddlerese for Stephanie)” singing and dancing along with the music. That scene is about as much cuteness as any one can handle safely. It is also better than Barney…. *shudders*

A really really badly Photoshop colored picture for you to laugh at.
A really really badly Photoshop color job picture for you to laugh at. I mean Lou as Swafanie.

I have watched this show so often that my brain has started to run wild trying to make sense of the whole set up or just to find some entertainment value from watching the same episode 3 times in a roll. This mind of mine has come up with a story to answer all my questions…The story’s premise is that the show is really a post apocalyptic survivor story.

I don’t exactly have my own picture of a nuclear bomb going off.. Thank goodness. Instead I share this public domain image I found on Google. :)

The story as I see it while watching this show with my daughter:

Stephanie is a girl who is newly released from a bomb shelter and goes to find her uncle who has become hideously deformed due to the radiation from the fall out of nuclear weapons. The whole town has been wiped out except for a few kids and two adults who all have suffered major life changing deformities. They don’t mention their parents or any other adults because they are all in a state of grief and depression which is also one of the reasons they don’t play outside in the first episode. The other reason for them being inside all the time and the uncles strange worry that “something will happen” if they play outside is a symptom of the PTSD they are all suffering from. Robbie Rotten survived in his underground lair but has been driven crazy by being stuck in his underground hole alone for so long. He has become over sensitive to noise and can’t handle the sounds the kids make while playing which is why he wants them to stop all the running and jumping.  The super hero of the story jumps and flies so much because his bone density has been altered from radiation poisoning. The children get themselves into slightly dangerous situations so that he can “save” them to make him feel better about himself. They are also forced to grow their own vegetables because all the food sources have been depleted.

Is this evidence that I am in dire need of some adult entertainment? Possibly. It is just a kids show aimed to delight and encourage healthy eat habits in kids? Probably.

Although I have yet to wonder why all the men have super tight clothes on… there are some things I just don’t question.

Where is My Mommy? Free Kangaroo Number Match Printable Worksheet




New free preschool printable Where is My Mommy!

This is game is two pages. The first page is the mommies with dots on their tummies. The second page has the babies with numbers on their tummies. Cut the babies out on the second page and reunite each of them with their mommy.

These are free to use as you choose as long as you don’t claim.

I ran out of time this morning and now I have to take the kids to school and then go to my other part time work but I may add a colorized version tomorrow or a lower case upper case letter version…. Maybe both and some other games with these cute little Kangaroos.

Just click the images for the larger image files. I will add the pdf download when I finish all I am going to do with the set. :)


babyies mommies
mommiescolor babiecolored

Husband’s Need Love too – Old Spice #Combos4Success

This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Old Spice. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.” 


What would we do without our husbands, boyfriends, or men in our life?

What would I do?

I would probably clean less socks and underwear.
See less movies in the theater.
Watch way less Big Bang Theory and Duck Dynasty, if any at all.
I would never know what to cook for dinner.
My car would never have gas, oil changes, new brakes, or any other maintenance meaning I would be stuck home a whole lot more.
Worst of all I would have to order my own food at the restaurants. I shudder at the image.


Because he does so much for me, sometimes I like to do things just for my husband. I love him and he deserves to be treated on occasion. Thinking about all he does for us, I wish I could do more for him but I know he doesn’t expect any of it. He works as a manager in a hot warehouse for 40-60 hours a week. It’s hot, it’s stuffy and he sweats. He also loves to smell like a man from head to toe, which is where Old Spice comes into the picture. I like to keep him well stocked in the Old Spice department because it makes him happy.  To be honest, it kinda makes me happy too. Lately, he has been hooked on the new Old Spice Wolfthorn scent. It is amazing the smell that escapes the bathroom right after his shower. (more…)

Free Fall Preschool Number Flash Cards

I was on Ribbet again today playing around and found these lovely fall stickers and got in the fall mood.

These are not my art they belong to ribbet.com


So now I am sharing them with you in the form of some Fall related flash cards and a letter matching game.

Click each image for the larger version and print. I would also laminate if possible! :)


The  letter game is made for learning upper and lower case letters. I did just a few fall related words. Just cut of the lines and then they can match them up.


I hope you find value in them and use them in any way you choose but give credit back to ribbet.com.

Self Esteem And Confidence – Good Nights

High Self Esteem is a fragile state. It doesn’t take much to crush a person with the words we say or what we do. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are doing it and sometimes we may mean to hurt someone. Words hurt just as much as sticks and stones, the only difference is words leave scars that take longer to heal.


A Child’s self esteem is his/her armor to fight back against the challenges of life. It is what gives them their strength to stand up for themselves and be strong. Self Esteem is what helps a child to feel like they can do whatever they want and that they are loved and appreciated. And the esteem they have for themselves as a child correlates to how they will view themselves as adults. Self Esteem can fluctuate some as children grow and even in our day to day adult lives. It is a good idea to start promoting a good healthy self esteem in childhood to help combat the waves of change and help them to stay more on the up side. (more…)

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